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house rules
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you know what dad always said....if you're gonna live under my roof you're gonna live by my rules while you do....yeah, we know, but we've gotta have them and you've gotta agree to them, so read on:

general info & memberships

  • all offerings are complimentary regardless of their actual cash value.
  • house seats members may gain access to the current listing of offerings by logging on to www.houseseats.ca and providing their member id and password 24 hours a day. you must be a current member in good standing to reserve offerings.
  • only one membership per person will be allowed. you may list only one name as the member. your membership is for your own personal use, only the person listed as the actual house seats member may use the service and the member MUST attend the show/event for which the reservation has been made.
  • memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable

ticket pick up, seating & box office contact

  • after a member makes a reservation they will receive an email instructing them on how to pick up their tickets/attend their event. this email is confirmation of your reservation. the member should keep this email confirmation as proof reservations were requested and confirmed. it is the member's responsibility to provide their printed confirmation to house seats in the event a question occurs regarding reservations requested.
  • members must follow pick up instructions. only the house seats member making the reservation may pick up tickets/attend event and must present photo id upon doing so. late arrivals forfeit their reservation.
  • members MUST NOT CONTACT THE BOX OFFICE OR EVENT LOCATION DIRECTLY. if you have questions about your reservation you may contact house seats at rsvp@houseseats.ca.

reservations & ticket distribution

  • house seats reserves the right to distribute complimentary tickets/offerings as we judge best.
  • all reservations are final, reservations, once made, cannot be changed or cancelled at any time for any reason.
  • any member that reserves a show and does not pick up their tickets will be assessed a no show fee of $20 per ticket reserved.
  • members may reserve up to (2) tickets, or up to (4) tickets, for each event depending on their membership level and based on availability.
  • members may reserve tickets to more than one show per day provided the show times are at least 3.5 hours apart.
  • there may be instances when we restrict the number of times you may make reservations for high demand shows/event. if this happens, we will make any restrictions clear in our show/event listing.
  • seating is at the discretion of the box office.
  • venues reserve the right to withdraw their complimentary offerings at any time.
  • in the event that a reservation is not honored or a show/event is cancelled the member agrees not to hold house seats or any participating entities responsible.
  • you must be discreet when picking up tickets at the box office; we do not want to hinder their ability to sell full price tickets.
  • resale of tickets is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of membership.
  • there may be times when complimentary offers are presented in return for secret shopping services. when this is the case, it will be stated as a condition of the reservation. if a member makes a reservation to such an event, the member agrees to follow all rules and complete the shopping survey within the specified time. failure to do so may result in suspension or revocation of membership.

rights of refusal

  • house seats reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is unpleasant, discourteous, or creates a problem of any kind at the event or directly with house seats.
  • house seats will not be held financially responsible for your disruptive actions.
  • house seats and event management reserve the right to refuse confirmed reservations for inappropriate dress and/or conduct that may result in cancellation of membership without refund.
  • listings are confidential information for members only. anyone found disclosing information in a public setting, blog or chat room will have their membership instantly revoked.
  • house seats reserves the right to review applicants before processing them for membership.

email notifications & web access

  • at times, we may send all members an email notification as a courtesy. house seats is not responsible for:
  • house seats is not responsible for undeliverable email.
  • house seats is not responsible for late delivery of email.
  • house seats is not responsible for emails that end up in junk mail or spam areas.
  • house seats is not responsible for any member's web access limitations at work or at home.


  • you MUST show up for your reservation. any member that reserves a show and does not pick up their tickets will be assessed a no show fee of $20 per ticket reserved. any member that reserves a golf tee time and does not honor that reservation will be assessed a $75 no show fee.
  • any complaint about a house seats member by a theater or venue may result in a $40 fee plus a review of the that member's account, during which time no reservations can be made and membership privileges may be revoked.
  • any fees owed will be invoiced and sent to the address listed on your account.
  • fees and regulations are subject to change without advance notice.
  • all discrepancies, adjustments, or requests must be made in writing and emailed to rsvp@houseseats.ca.
  • memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

okay....now that wasn't so bad, was it? time to join the house!

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